SMW-500 Plastic Mill

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work into

1. The working part of the machine is the cutter head. The high-speed particles are partly crushed after hitting the tooth plate and the tooth plate, and are drawn out by suction, while the larger particles continue to hit. After being crushed, it is thrown out, which reduces the load on the cutter head, improves the grinding efficiency, and enables the powder to be cooled evenly.

2. Low temperature is the main advantage of this machine. According to the thermal work equivalent: the work per hour is converted into 860 kcal heat. This machine is an external pumping area with an air volume of 50M3/KW. Most of the heat, a small part of the heat is solved by water cooling. Requirements: The inlet temperature of cooling water is not higher than 25°C, and the outlet temperature is not higher than 45°C. Appropriately increase the cooling water flow in summer to reduce the temperature.


Our factory absorbs foreign advanced technology to research and develop a series of mills, which are used for PVC plastics with low to medium hardness, high-density PE, or other plastics. It has been proved by the practice of plastic products factory that adding 20%-30% calcium carbonate to the milled powder will keep the chemical indicators of the product unchanged, and the output can reach 150-220KG (40-80 mesh).

This equipment is the equipment for plastic products factory to reduce cost and expenditure, and solve the accumulation of waste products.

Technical parameters
Number of cutter heads: 1, Outer diameter: 473mm+1mm
Tooth plate: 1 pay 12 pieces
Blades: 24 pieces
Main motor speed: 2950r/min
Main motor power: 30KW
Induced fan: model 9-19, 4#, with motor 3KW
Shut-off fan: model ZGF, equipped with a motor of 0.75KW
Output: PVC40-80 mesh 150-220kg/h
Dimensions: complete machine (length * width and height) 5900*1450*2900(mm)
Machine weight: 1200kg