The development process and technical key of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment


The development process of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment

       The first generation technology is the air-cooled cooling setting technology.

       Performance: The inner and outer layers of the bellows are independently fed by two extruders, which can realize the production of different colors and different raw materials for the inner and outer layers.

       The forming machine is divided into upper and lower machines, and the cooling method is a combination of water cooling and air cooling, but it is still the traditional air cooling, which has an online flaring function.

       The second-generation technology is an open water cooling technology.

       Module cooling cycle: intermittent water cooling

       Performance: The forming machine adopts horizontal structure, shuttle transmission, intermittent water cooling, vacuum forming, and supports online double-layer flaring.

       The third generation technology is a sealed pressure water cooling technology.

       Module cooling cycle: uninterrupted continuous water cooling

Technical key of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment

       To produce high-quality double-wall corrugated pipes, the corrugated forming system plays a vital role, and all the key technologies for producing double-wall corrugated pipes are also concentrated here. The subdivision of corrugated forming system can be divided into three parts: corrugated forming machine, corrugated forming module, extrusion die head and cooling setting.

       First look at the corrugated forming machine. The role of the corrugated forming machine is to make the corrugated forming module installed on it continuously and stably operate, and provide the vacuum function and cooling function necessary for corrugated forming. For the continuous and stable operation of the corrugated molding module on the molding, the module running track design of the molding machine is particularly important. The excellent corrugated molding machine module running track design can greatly improve the service life of the machine. An excellent track design should have very little friction. The lower the friction, the lower the wear and the longer the life. In the production of double-wall corrugated pipes, the corrugated module also plays a vital role. First, the corrugated module directly determines the peak shape, and second, the manufacturing process of the corrugated module directly affects the quality of the pipe. The die head for producing double-wall corrugated pipes is very different from the die head for producing solid-wall pipes due to technological reasons. When producing bellows, on the one hand, the die head is required to have a double-layer flow channel structure, on the other hand, the material requirements on the die head are high. The ideal material should be the same material as the barrel and screw of the extruder-38CrMoALA After nitriding, it has high precision, high strength and good stability. Although the price is high, it is reliable to use and can ensure the product quality of the pipe.