• Plastic mold system composition-detailed explanation of the six systems of plastic mold

    The functional structure of the plastic mold system is mainly composed of six systems: a pouring system, a temperature adjustment system, a forming part system, an exhaust system, a guiding system, and an ejection system. The pouring system and forming parts are parts that directly contact with the plastic and follow Variations in plastics and products are the most complex and the most varied parts of the mold, requiring the highest finish and precision.

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  • The development process and technical key of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment

    The development process of double-wall corrugated pipe equipment: The first generation technology is the air-cooled cooling and setting technology. Performance: The inner and outer layers of the bellows are independently fed by two extruders, which can realize the production of different colors and different raw materials for the inner and outer layers. The forming machine is divided into upper and lower machines, and the cooling method is a combination of water cooling and air cooling

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  • Fine processing is the way out of bellows production line

    The development direction of bellows production line manufacturers is no longer extensive processing, but detailed manufacturing with fine processing. If an enterprise does not take the refined route, then it can only play a part-time job in the market and industry division of labor, and cannot have its own place.

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